Vedic Numeroscope

US$ 16.92

Complete Vedic Numerology Report. See details below.

Birth Name * 

Full birth name (as in birth certificate) of the person to whom the report will be made

Adopted Name

Another name currently used, either by marriage or another legal event. Leave blank if same as birth name.

Date of Birth

Complete date of birth

Time of Birth

Hour & Minute of Birth (if known)

Place of Birth

City, State & Country of Birth

Biological Gender

Indicate the biological gender at the time of birth (regardless of sexual orientation/change)


Report based on Vedic Numerology. Ideal for those who do not know the time of birth.

  • Complete Numerology Data
  • Numerology Chart and Analysis
  • Numerology Name and Analysis
  • Life Numerology and Remedies
  • Planetary Mantra and Yantra
  • Solar Sign and Numerology Predictions
  • Compatibility Indications
  • Stones, Herbs and Baths Recommendations
  • Spouse and Profession Indications
  • Numerology Dasha – 1st & 2nd Cycle
  • Actual Year & Month Prediction
  • … and much more! ±50 pages!

The final product will be a digital file, in PDF format, sent to the buyer’s email and downloadable from a location provided, within 5 to 7  business days excluding weekends and local holidays.