Eclipses Mean Endings

Eclipses are very good for cleaning up to activate things you want to get rid of permanently, such as dirt, clutter, debts and whatever else you want to free yourself from, even fat! So, it’s a great time to start a diet too, or perhaps doing a facial cleaning! Eclipses are not good for auspicious events because Eclipses mean endings for permanent changes to take place. Therefore, avoid starting important things that you want to last during an eclipse, or making important purchases (like vehicles, property, etc.), otherwise they will come to an end within 6 months (or up to 12 months sometimes) after the eclipse. But if you have debts, make a payment towards them during an eclipse, 3 days before up to the moment of the Eclipse, to activate their endings, or clean your house, your body, wash your pets or remove clutter and donate them. It’s also very good to start a spiritual practice during an Eclipse, but not for material things. So, make the best of this powerful eclipse energy on December 26, 2019! 🌘

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